Anti Theft Backpack

Anti Theft Backpacks come up with a surprisingly new intake of the US Market. The first known backpack brand was the Bobby Backpack which has been made in 2012 by a person in Great Britain. Since there are serious counterfeits that are produced in China and sold in the United States. Mark Ryden Backpack is different

Produced in the United States, Mark Ryden Backpack has been around business since 2014, producing Anti Theft Backpacks in the United States. Surprisingly, they produce greater than backpacks, producing wallets, travel backpacks, in addition to sling backpacks. They are growing in the United States and decide to expand to other countries for production. We tried an Anti Theft Backpack for ourselves to find out if lived around the hype.

When unpacking the backpack was black with zippers that had been grey. The logo was clearly imprinted about the front with all the zippers developing a grey logo into it. The front has big stripes that looked very nice. The interior was even better! The interior had three compartments which were roomy enough to match a camera or simply a laptop. However, one of the most impressive part was the anti-theft feature. The zippers face back towards your back therefore you don’t have to be worried about your things being stolen. I thought this feature really was neat and practical, particularly if you are traveling!

Why do I recommend it? You’ll say hey Mark, you will find lots of Anti Theft Backpacks within the market just what exactly makes this different? First, the backpack carries a USB charging port! Neat right? This port easily connects which has a cord enabling you to charge your dead phone within a heartbeat. Another feature will be the anti-theft pockets about the backside with the backpack. This hidden anti-theft pocket is good for storing your tiny items, say a wallet and even your phone if you can’t want to take it around! I think the best part was the hidden pocket around the backpack strap. You can easily store credit cards or subway card should you a commuter, providing you easy access having to break a sweat. The backpack has reflective features about the front that produces riding your bike at nighttime extremely safe.

Overall the backpack was great and I would endorse it to anybody. I got the main mark Ryden backpack off their website further down. I hope you enjoyed my article, it’s my first in the end. If you have inquiries about the backpack make me aware! Cheers!